Not Just Theory —

Practical Experience, from PRD to GTM.

Since graduation in 2015, I’ve worked as a product manager in both startups and Fortune 500 companies and guided dozens of products from ideation to launch. 

Cisco Meraki

Meraki celebrates simplicity and delivers a powerful network product through integrated hardware and software solutions.


viaMaven is on a mission to provide the #1 thing millennials and Gen Z employees crave in the workplace: meaningful feedback. 


Impact on One Page

Throughout my education and career, I’ve had a bias for action. I utilize design thinking and leadership skills to work alongside cross-functional teams and create beautiful products that leave an impact on the world.



Past Projects

PARS | Public Agency Retirement Services, Newport Beach, CA

Senior Product Analyst

  • Developed and managed product strategy and roadmap for an industry-first pension investment tool; collaborated with cross-functional teams and launched fastest growing product in company history — over 25% of all business in 4 years.
  • Innovated online enrollment portal for over 1M customers annually; managed development with engineering teams and emphasized defining and eliminating friction, resulting in 80% faster user flow and an improved customer experience.
  • Created an internal transaction analysis product with an agile development model used by all departments, replacing 22 separate analysis tools; resulting in over 10,000 program iterations run annually, with <1% error rate.
  • Conceived internal SQL tools accessed via web and led development/inclusion across workflows in all company departments; completed 2M+ data pulls with 100% accuracy and internal surveys indicate 98% satisfaction.
  • Introduced dollar-weighted rate-of-return KPI based on regression model from 25 years of internal data and achieved over 97% statistical significance; interfaced with leadership and coworkers across departments to integrate into processes.
  • Re-engineered analysis model of primary product to enable instant calculation results while accounting for over 1,000 independent variables; utilized in over 2,000 analyses and tracks over $100M in annual revenue.
  • Launched a complete brand refresh, including all consumer-facing publications and marketing efforts, across all company products; client surveys indicate 90% approval, citing a superior customer experience

Global Connect @ UCI, Irvine, CA

Editor-at-Large & Undergraduate Lead

  • Headed product development for a series of 15 textbooks and 100+ lesson plans, expanding globalization and international studies in secondary schools; presented to 10,000+ students and implemented curriculum at 100+ school districts nationwide.
  • Directed research and design teams of 200+ interns and supervisors annually, including training on presentation skills and slide deck development.

Chancellor’s Economist, Department of Economics, Irvine, CA

Lead Research Assistant

  • Designed preliminary regression models with over 1M data points for a national study on age discrimination. 
  • Published in 100+ academic journals including Harvard Business Review and The National Bureau of Economic Research.